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Sébastien Pons is a French photographer who grew up with photography all around him. From a young age he accompanied his father, a Wildlife Photographer, on excursions to photograph lions and cheetahs in the African Savannah. From this early influence Sébastien developed a passion for the visual world.

After art school, where he specialized in graphic design and communication, Sébastien established his own luxury brand design agency in Paris, becoming Art Director of Clockwise. Over the course of 8 years he built a strong client portfolio which included brand such as L’Oréal, Chaumet, Aston Martin, Lancôme, among others. All the while, Sébastien travelled extensively through Europe and Asia.

His fashion-reportage project on Colours of Tokyo formed the basis of two exhibitions in Paris and London. In 2006 he decided to pursue his passion full-time and moved to London to concentrate solely on his fashion photography. Since arriving in London Sébastien has worked on a number of projects including The London Fashion Week and gone on to develop his own unique photographic style.




Dan is one of those lucky people who have managed to combine his work with his life's passions for food, music and travel.

Dan doesn't talk about it much, but he actually started his professional photographic career in the music biz shooting bands for album cover-art, tour merchandise and press-shots for pop legends like Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins and some much smaller bands that have since faded into pop obscurity.

Having founded and established Mystery Ltd, a brand design agency (in London) over the past ten years, Dan has continued to work as a photographer whilst building successful consumer lifestyle brands for his clients such as Giraffe Restaurants, Extreme, William Grant's - Monkey Shoulder and working on brand communications for Virgin Atlantic, Guinness, Fed Ex.

Having commissioned many photographers as an art-director for Mystery, Dan has learned the technical skills and applies them to his understanding of strategic brand communications, to create images that resonate and help compel brand loyalty.

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